chen jianguang meets with zhang shouchuan, secretary of party committee and president of bank of china shanghai branch-凯发

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chen jianguang meets with zhang shouchuan, secretary of party committee and president of bank of china shanghai branch
source:party-masses work department author:publicity sector release time:2023-12-12

  on december 11, chen jianguang, deputy general manager and member of the party leadership group of china minmetals, secretary of the party committee of mcc, and chairman of mcc and china mcc, met with zhang shouchuan, secretary of party committee and president of bank of china shanghai branch in mcc tower, and the two sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on further strengthening the strategic cooperation between the bank and enterprise in financial business.

  chen jianguang said that the mcc has successfully transformed in recent years by virtue of the professional technical advantages and business qualification advantages accumulated in the field of iron and steel metallurgy, and built a business structure of "one core, two main bodies, and five characteristics" (metallurgical construction as the core, housing construction and municipal infrastructure as two main bodies, and inspection and testing, new energy materials, mineral resources, water environment protection, and metallurgical equipment manufacturing as five characteristics), making unremitting efforts towards the striving goal of "one establishment, the best and the most trusted, and five strengths" (creating mcc as a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness, the best overall solution provider of metallurgical construction and operation with super core competitiveness, and the most reliable general contractor of international and domestic leading capital construction, with the strongest value creativity, market competitiveness, innovation drive, resource allocation, and cultural soft power). bank of china is an important strategic partner of mcc, and bank of china shanghai branch has provided high-quality financing guarantees and convenient financial services for projects undertaken by many subsidiaries of mcc. he hoped that the two sides would continue to strengthen the deep docking of key areas, key projects, and key businesses on the basis of long-term accumulation of good cooperation, form a competitive advantage of strong combination, and open a new chapter of mutual trust, mutual benefit, and win-win development with more fruitful cooperation results.

  zhang shouchuan said that bank of china shanghai branch has actively integrated into the wave of deepening reform and opening up in shanghai in recent years, and has also achieved its own innovative transformation and development in the process of serving and supporting the development of shanghai's real economy. as a central enterprise in the construction industry with a profound historical background, strong comprehensive strength, and high brand awareness, mcc has many subsidiaries that are strong infrastructure companies in shanghai. the two sides have highly consistent strategic positioning, broad cooperation space, and bright cooperation prospects. in the future, bank of china shanghai branch will extend its service tentacles, improve service quality and efficiency, continuously integrate the advantages of globalization and integration of bank of china into the business development of mcc in the traditional stock and innovation increment fields, and go all out to provide more comprehensive financial support and more products and services for the high-quality development of mcc in shanghai, to work together to create greater cooperation value.

  wang mengying, head of relevant departments of bank of china shanghai branch, fan wanzhu, general manager assistant and deputy chief accountant of mcc, and li yifeng and li xianqiang, heads of relevant functional departments of headquarters, attended the meeting.

scene of the meeting

talks between the two sides

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